Confinement rule

Recap of containment rules

Following Emmanuel Macron's speech on Wednesday 31 March, a new lockdown has been announced. What are the new rules? Do we need a certificate? What about schools?

In this new article, the Atelier Phénix summarises the President's latest speech:
→ The health restrictions that were then imposed only on a few departments for a few weeks are now extended to the entire metropolitan territory from this Saturday, 7pm. However, there is one major change: after the Easter weekend, everyone will be allowed to move freely within a limit of 10 kilometres. Beyond that, a certificate will be required. The curfew is still maintained at 7 pm.
→ Teleworking will be systematised at least 4 days a week.
→ Another important fact is that nurseries, schools, colleges and high schools will be closed for 3 weeks. This means that the school calendar will have to be readjusted.
- From 6 to 9 April, all students will have distance learning.
- From 10 to 25 April, the spring holidays will take place.
- From 26 to 30 April, only kindergarten and primary school children will be able to return to school.
- On 3 May, all students will return to school.
→ Emmanuel Macron also announced a new vaccination schedule to speed up vaccination. In addition, the latter will be extended to all people over 60 on 16 April, and to all those over 50 on 15 May.
→ The influx of critically ill patients from COVID is growing exponentially in hospitals. For this reason, the president has promised reinforcements in resuscitation to increase to more than 10,000 beds. → Some cultural venues as well as terraces would reopen from mid-May under certain conditions. But we will have to wait for Emmanuel Macron's next speech where he will speak to specify "an agenda for reopening".